When it comes to Easter, just one thing comes to mind: Easter Eggs!

However, not all Easter Eggs are made equal, and we’re not talking about the chocolate variety this time!

Actually, the word Easter egg also applies to messages and marketing campaigns… buried in computer programs, websites, or video games. Easter eggs refer to the tradition of concealing and then hunting for Easter eggs (the chocolate variety) that occasionally include small surprises.

Easter eggs work proficiently as your marketing tool, which makes them a bonus for your marketing efforts – and they bring fun and excitement to your customers, which as a result enriches the consumer experience.

Easter eggs, whether simple or extravagant, are a certain way to inject some edge and fun into a brand’s image. The disadvantages of concealing an Easter egg are few, however, the rewards might be enormous.

Promotes Entertainment

Typically, companies aim to give as much information as possible and show it clearly so that customers can discover what they’re searching for quickly. Most people will not think to look for Easter eggs since it appears illogical for a firm to hide something on its website. As a result, people will be pleasantly pleased if they come upon one. It’s a guaranteed method to break up the monotony of visiting the website by hiding Easter eggs where customers don’t expect them. It’s the icing on the cake that adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the user experience.

Drives Engagement

Companies are also utilizing Easter eggs by incorporating a gamification aspect into them, thereby motivating consumers to actively seek eggs. Users get more involved with the brand and spend more time with the product as a result of this. Google, notably its search bar, is one of the obvious leaders in this gamification. There are approximately 25 distinct techniques, all of which revolve on using different terms in the Google search field. Google has provided its consumers with an incentive to visit the website even if they don’t need to search for anything by including these techniques!

Builds Community

An Easter egg is a great way to reward your consumers while also fostering community. Easter eggs let those who discover them feel as though they have been given a secret, making them members of a select group of people. Members of this group communicate information about the brand as if it were an inside joke that only “insiders” knew about. Easter eggs are highly beneficial in this sense because they develop a link between the brand and the customers, as well as between the customers.

Wrapping Up

While some consumers want to keep the Easter egg mystery to themselves, the majority prefer to share it – even if it’s just to show that they know something you don’t. Easter eggs may easily go viral thanks to Word of Mouth and generate a lot of attention for a company. Easter eggs automatically spark conversations about the brand, and all you have to do now is sit back and watch the flames flare.

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