Know what your website entails to Get Best Results from SEO Audit – Part 2

SEO Audit Tools – Shaping the Soul of Your Business

  • Checking the deepest corners of your website, 
  • Giving you the pragmatic idea of your website’s wellbeing, 
  • Helping you to prioritize the issues, and 
  • Recommending you what errors should be fixed initially.

With the mobile index playing a major role in the digital industry, Google determines that either your website is mobile-friendly or not, so like other multi-milliner industries, you need to ensure that you’re offering the mobile-friendly experience to your potential clients. With SEO services in Atlanta, you can ensure that your website is mobile responsive, so it always stays in the top spot of your Google ranking. 

Manual Audit

Regardless of the efforts you put into your website, if the search engine is unable to read your pages, your company won’t rank. The SEO audit emphasizes the areas of weakness, by shedding the light on the terminologies that can perform exceedingly well, making your site rank on top.

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Premium Tools

This is not a secret that your website will only rank on top if it is completely optimized and loads quickly, both search engine and your visitors consider this as a crucial point. This is one of the most important aspects of the SEO strategy if you are looking for a high ranking and retain your clients. 

Remember, an SEO site audit requires a comprehensive consideration of several technical aspects of the website.

  1. Meta tags (title, description, keywords)
  2. Heading tags (H1, H2,…, H6)
  3. Image alt tag
  4. Sitemap (Google site map, .xml site map)
  5. Robots test
  6. SEO Friendly URL test
  7. Check Google analytic setup
  8. Google webmaster configuration
  9. Social media account linking
  10. Website speed test and mobile responsiveness test
  11. URL Canonicalization Test
  12. 301 redirection
  13. Secure server linking (Https test)
  14. Custom 404 Error Page Test
  15. Competitor Analysis on Top websites
  16. Website’s backlinks analyzation

The report will be based on the above listed technical factors. It will not only highlight the sections that you need to work on but will also explain the reason why your website is not ranking high in search engines.

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