Benefits of Customer Reviews

Benefits of Customer Reviews – Part 2

Boost Sales

With the changing market trend, social proof is extremely important for all businesses. It is a phenomenon that helps people to make sound decisions. Collaborating with digital marketing companies in Atlanta you can seamlessly integrate customer reviews and testimonial sections.

When customers will read positive reviews from the people that purchased the same or similar product will only increase the degree of trust, significantly increasing the sales.

Build Reliability

In the year 2020, the global ecommerce market reaches $25.6 Trillion, ensuring to rise in the coming years as well. A myriad of brands is continuously joining the race, which puts customers in quandary in terms of reliability and trust.

Reviews are the next best thing for a business to do with a rat race. Each organization is putting the same or more effort to reach the market, but the best way to stay ahead is to provide your customers with a trustworthy entity.

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Increase Engagement

Customers can only trust a brand that is willing to stay engaged. Concerns and appreciation addressed from the online reviews will result in building customer engagement. Even top-notch brands like Nike or Netflix never fail to interact with their customers.

Creating an active social community will make it easier for you and your customers to communicate. Make a business page on Facebook or create a review column on your website and stay engaged with your customers to foster satisfaction.

To Conclude

The main aim of any business is to generate sales, which is why they make sure to opt for reliable digital marketing services and all of this is possible because of your customers. If you do not have a positive reputation and strong relationship with your customers, all your marketing efforts are a lost cause. Online reviews help in customer acquisition, working as word-of-mouth marketing, it is a digital age strategy with guaranteed results. By understanding the importance of reviews, will help you to leverage the benefits and build long-lasting relations with your present and potential customers.

What Role Reviews and Testimonials Play In Building Good Relationships

What Role Reviews and Testimonials Play In Building Good Relationships

The information takes you a long way.

With gathered information from reliable sources, either through word-of-mouth or the customer reviews on websites, all of us make a decision to shop. Thus, this is the reason, why digital marketing companies in Atlanta make sure to focus on all.

There is no doubt that while browsing through a shopping site, the visitors do not open up the review section. The online world already puts shoppers in a dilemma, as they can’t physically acknowledge the product, which is why they turn on to product reviews to make a sound decision.

We all know how Yelp has helped consumers to make a purchase decision for a particular brand. By understanding the importance of reviews, nowadays, companies have started to add a testimonial and review tab to their website itself.

Genuine reviews from customers help in building strong relationships. So, whether it is Facebook or Google, now finding a true opinion has become an easy process.

  • 80% of customers go through the reviews while checking in to a new website.
  • 85% of customers check 10 to 20 reviews before making a purchase.
  • 55% of users posts reviews after their purchase.
  • 95% of customers post a negative review if they face any issue with the product or service.

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Customer reviews are not only beneficial for the consumers, but also for the company. If you are looking to acquire loyal customers, then these reviews will be one of the assets that serve the purpose. Moreover, reviews have become an essential part of digital marketing services.

But, is only customer review helpful?

Several companies fail to acknowledge that their buyers are looking for input, especially on the negative feedback.

  • Firstly, it is a way to help you improve your product delivery and customer service.
  • Secondly, it will you with customer retention.

Your present customers are your biggest assets, and they can help you to acquire new consumers, and all this is possible through feedback.

A business that exists in a digital space, needs to understand that online reviews are critical to run a successful business and preserve a positive reputation.

84% of customers trust the customer reviews, which is why you need to understand that positive and negative reviews both carry equal weightage.

Moreover, customers that are new to a brand look for negative reviews more as compared to positive ones.

Today, with the number of review sites, it’s safe to assume that almost 90% of customers bear a level of trust in online reviews. Thus for any businesses, be it SaaS or eCommerce that are looking to build strong relations with their customers need to concentrate equally on customer reviews.